GOOD GIRLS SEASON 3 ….here’s what to expect?


    What’s more intriguing than watching three suburban women entering into the world of crime for trying to make ends meet? Maybe a few other things. But what I do know is that NBC provided us with a hidden gem in Good Girls. The series shows us the lives of three mothers, two of whom are sisters, turning to a life of crime to gain some control of their troubled lives.

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    Good Girls was a hit show for NBC from the start with both audience and critics likewise enjoying it. It scored an impressive 80% in TOMATOMETER and boasted an IMBD score of 7.9.With fans loving the season one and season two of the show this much It’s no wonder that NBC renewed it for a season 3 in between the second season. NBC renewed it just as episode 6 of season 2 premiered. This is enough to conclude that NBC considers GOOD GIRLS as it’s a golden egg.

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    Previous Seasons

    Season 1 left fans with a cliff hanger with fans starving for season 2 to find out what’s in store for their favorite characters. Season one finale saw millions of fans hooked to the screen to find out what”all happen. And it was no different in season 2 as it ended on an explosive note as Beth (Christina Hendricks) decided to shoot Rio (Manny Montana), instead of Det. Turner (James Lesure).

    Coming into season 3…

    Season 2 left our titular characters to stranded; it will be interesting to see how they reemerge out of it. Beth (Christina Hendricks) has devised a plan for getting them out of this situation. Furthermore, there are a lot of loose ends which will be tied up in season 3.Executive producers Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs spoke with TV Guide about what to look out for in season 3. As Bans told TV Guide“We have an interesting idea of taking that friendship dynamic even further in Season 3 because these women are sisters in that they can hate each other one second and love each other the next.

    There is no official word on the premiere date and the number of episodes ordered by NBC for season 3.  But looking at the release of previous seasons of GOOD GIRL, we can say that season 3 will premiere anywhere between February and March next year.