Google celebrates 50 Years of LBGT Pride Month with Google Doodle


    The month of June is very special for the people who belong to the LGBT community. This is because June is celebrated as the LGBT pride month. This is done to commemorate the Stonewall riots which occurred during the intense backdrop of scrutiny that Gay or LGBT people received in the US in the 20th Century. And to celebrate this google has created their custom doodle ‘Celebrating 50 years of Pride’.

    So let us read more about LBGT pride month and how it came to such an important month for the LGBT community.

    First in order to understand why the month of June was chosen you need to know what is the Stonewall Riot. So on June 28, 1969, several police officers arrived at Stonewall Inn and announced “Police! We’re taking the place!” Now Stonewall Inn is a particularly interesting place in New York as it was a Gay Bar owned by a Mafia Family. Also, it was the only Gay Bar in NYC where dancing was allowed therefore this made Stonewall inn a popular place for LGBT people.

    However, Stonewall inn didn’t have a proper liquor license, therefore, it would payoff officers for not shutting the place down. So the incident began in the morning when the police officers started arresting people who “seemed” Gay and people who cross-dressed. This led to a scuffle which quickly grew so big that multiple police units had to be called.

    CREDIT: The New York Daily News

    The officer who initially went to raid the Stonewall Inn had to barricade themselves in order to protect themselves from the crowd. And Later this incident is what united all the different pro-gay organisation to stand up against the anti-gay stance of the US administration.

    The idea of an idea for a week-long series of events around Pride Day is credited to Brenda Howard which became the stepping stones for the LGBT Pride month celebrated every year in June.