Google Doodle celebrates Fathers Day 2019 with cute and awe inspiring ducklings


    Happy Fathers Day to every mesmerizing father figure who always hold our back during the hardship of life and helped always to overcome fear and failure.

    So today is the father’s day and possibly you have been surfing through Google and saw a new update in Google doodle. Google Doodle today is celebrating the preeminent Fathers Day for honoring the fatherhood, their determination and struggle to shape their children’s wellbeing,  and impact of fathers in progressing society and social standards.

    Today’s Google Doodle  features an artwork of a duck and six ducklings in three different slides with different activity and meaning. Father always plays an important part in everyone’s life. Father has sacrificed a lot in shaping the children life out of darkness and ignorance. The doodle shows a gray duck and six duckling, one green, one yellow, two blue, and two red. The first slide shows the ducklings making hubbub around father and doing a lot mess. The green is even on the father head. This possibly means father has always looked after the children mess and march them to good path.

    The second slide features the same father duck and duckling, this time playing hide and seek or maybe irritating father. The ducklings hide immediately behind the gray duck as soon as the father duck changes the sight.

    The third slide shows the same gray duck blowing all the ducklings into bubble and they rise up, but the bubble burst and those ducklings fell down. This illustrates the fatherly aid to every child, helping them to rise higher, and pushing upwards and forward always. But when they are no along, their blessings and support is not around our life may burst as that imaginative bubble.