GTA 6 coming Now : So Here is the answers to all your questions


    Grand Theft Auto has always been gamers favourite since its first version release in the year 1997. Its popularity and demand can be seen by its multiple versions which released year after year and more to come. The last version that is GTA 5 released in 2013, September 17, which resulted in huge success for the makers.

    GTA release date?

    Rockstar has not confirmed anything about the release of the upcoming game, but there have been rumours all over based on some series of events. But one thing is confirmed that it is not going to release any soon in this year the release may be around the year 2020-21/22. Moreover, the events which lead up to the rumours are the release of Red Ded Redemption 2 last year, which highly anticipates what the next move of rockstar could be!

    The scenarios in version GTA 6

    According to some unknown sources we have come to know that GTA 6 will be based on the cities namely Liberty City and Vice City, there may be connections or scenarios which relate to the latest release of the Red Dead Redemption and other versions of GTA. Till now there is no official trailer of the game released yet but as we all know the pattern Rockstar will drop the trailer only before few days of the release as he did for others.

    Why will it take time?

    GTA 6 will be Time Exclusive with PS5, 2020 Release Date Confirmed

    With the evolution of the gaming industry, gamers always want something new, and as the franchise of GTA, it never disappointed us. Maybe that’s why it’s taking time to bring something more dynamic and memorable. The rumours also stated that the new version could not play in Xbox One or PlayStation 4 like the previous due to memory issues and likely it will run on Xbox 2 and PS5. All these levels up to the excitement for the upcoming version, though it is not sooner, it will be worth the wait surely.