GTA 6: Popular Rumors, Release Date Confirmed by Rockstar?


    This year the release of the GTA 6 was rumored over the internet but looks like fans have to wait for this action-adventure extravaganza.

    The last GTA game was released in September 2013. So the gap is enormous between the releases of the game (GTA 5 to GTA 6). This time difference is much high as compared to other game of this franchise. The other highest recorded gap was of between GTA San Andreas to GTA 4, which was of 42 months.

    GTA 6: Popular Rumors, Release Date Confirmed by Rockstar?

    Over the internet, rumors are that the game will release next year. But according to Michael Pachter, a reputable industry analyst, the game could be as far away as 2022. It will certainly be painful for the GTA lovers as they have to wait more than two whole years to experience it.

    Some of the rumors have left fans in shock as well as in amazement. We have picked some of them for you.

    Female Protagonist: It is possible that this time, the developers introduce a female character into the game. Rockstar has not denied the rumor nor has added any information to it. But it was quite clear that they are open to bringing the female avatar.

    GTA 6: Popular Rumors, Release Date Confirmed by Rockstar?

    The whole of the country: There are rumors that GTA 6 will get a map in which all 52 of the North American States will be incorporated. This will make the game more massive but will certainly put burdens upon the developers.

    A map of London and Tokyo: Another gossip over the internet is about the game will bring London as well as Tokyo in its map. It is going to happen then gamers will love Tokyo as it will bring new flavor to the game.

    What we all are sure of is that the game will not be releasing this year. Though fans have to wait for more time, we hope it will be worth it.