GTA 6 – Ready for its take off? Release Dates and Details.


    GTA, a video game series has been among the top best seller of Rockstar games which has provided its fans with a full-on dare-devil experience with their excellent graphics and action-packed missions.

    GTA series has never failed to amaze their fan with every series set a new benchmark for another. GTA 5, is the latest one which was released by Rockstar games on September 2019. GTA 5 had risen the expectations of the fans with an exponential amount. Now, what is storming our minds is  “When will the next part of the game be released?” and “What new features and modifications will Rockstar perform to astonish their fans?”.

    GTA 6

    Rumors for the release date!

    Rockstar games have never failed to surprise the video game lovers. They are not very fond of giving a long before pre-announcement about the games they release, or we should say they have been too secretive about doing that  They made announcements about GTA5 and Red redemption two few days before their release, so it’s quite challenging to predict their movements. But rumors and sources speak that GTA 6 will not be released this year instead they are planning to release the game by 2020 or 2021 although Fans are clamoring for the release it is worth waiting for it.

    Why The Rockstar games are not going to drop GTA 6 before 2020

    What new features and modifications will Rockstar perform to astonish their fans?

    Rockstar games have been known for playing the gamble of success with each of the game they release with amazing features and alterations. Some rumors state that this time, GTA  is not much keen to cover America. Simultaneously it has also been found that the graphics will be incredible this time too. The most significant change which is informed about the game is that it will be available on PS5 and Xbox2 because of the memory constraints. The maps will be bigger this time covering more areas including Vice city and Liberty city.

    Let’s see whether this inexorable series will be able to prove itself as another blockbuster of GTA or not!