Halsey Wants To Be A Mother More Than Anything Else In Her Life.


    Halsey, who is one of the best female singers, talks about her life, miscarriage, pregnancy, and many more things.

    Halsey on Rolling Stones Hot Issues Cover Page

    This time on the Rolling Stones Hot Issues, we have Halsey on the cover page who went candid in the interview talking about herself. The 24-year-old singer has time and again talked about how much she wants to get pregnant. Last year, she was diagnosed with endometriosis, and after a few weeks, she suffered a miscarriage in the middle of her concert.

    The experience left Halsey depressed and frightened of never getting pregnant due to which she had decided to freeze her eggs this summer to protect her fertility. But she had a surgery and made some lifestyle changes, so she doesn’t need to freeze her eggs now.

    When she got to know that she can have kids

    Halsey talked about her reaction when she got to know from her doctor that she can get pregnant. “I was like ‘Wait, What did you say?. Did you say I can have kids?” She said that it felt like the reverse of finding out you have a terminal illness. Then, she called her mom, crying to tell her the good news. After that jokingly she said, “I don’t need to put out a third album. I’m just going to have a baby.”

    Last July in an interview with Marie Claire, she had said that she could decide to move to Italy for a year and write. She could get pregnant.

    Her greatest desire is to be a mother


    She has more than often expressed her desire to have kids. In an interview, she said that the greatest desire is to get pregnant. She wants to be a mother more than anything else in this world.

    A few months back, one of her pictures got viral in which she was seen wearing an oversized t-shirt and holding her stomach. Fans speculated that she might be pregnant expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Yungblud. But Halsey responded to the rumors by sharing the pic in question on her Insta story with a thinking emoji and questioning herself in misspelled words, “Am I pregnat?”. This was followed by a straight NO in bolds.

    But now after all these months,  we think that we might hear the good news soon considering Halsey has always been more than excited to have kids.