Has Chris Evans Answered if he is Coming Back as Captain America?


    Chris Evans an American actor well known by name “Steve Rogers”, yes the hero of Marvel series “Captain America”. He has won the heart of his fans from all generations by his role and acting and now after watching “Avengers: End Game” directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and released on 26th of April.

    It is a question in the heart of every Marvel fan that after losing “Tony Stark”, the Iron man will they lose Captain America too as at the end of END GAME Steve was shown very old who gave his shield to the falcon. Now, this is a big question that will he return with captain America return or we will see a new Captain America as he handovers his shield?

    As all the fans of Avengers are well aware by the fact that Steve was someone who could never get old but after returning all the infinity stones Steve is now old and grey who can’t bear his responsibilities.

    Has Chris Evans Answered if he is Coming Back as Captain America?
    Pic- Disney

    So now the question arises how? How will Captain America return? Will they show us a new face of Captain America or old Steve will play? Or we will get another surprise from marvel studios?

    Well, this remains a question but in a recent interview, the directors of End game left a hint that they may show what happened when Steve leaves to place the infinity stones back to their places.

    They may show the whole journey of his time travel and this may show how he managed to live his life with the love of his life “Peggy Carter”. But now the question arises how will he live there and return back his time to return the shield as his existence there will change many things and did he managed to live in another dimension with agent carter or what?

    These questions will be soon answered by “Captain America 4” and fans will get to watch another thrill and classy movie by Marvel Studios soon.