Haunting of Hill House Season 2: When it’s coming, plot, cast & release date


    The series which haunted the fans with it’s hidden ghosts, jump scares and plots twist. the series which make you cry of fear. To watch this series at late night was never a good idea is coming back with its second season. Yes, Haunting of Hill House Season 2 is going to be premiered really soon in 2020.

    After scaring the fans with a novel based Netflix original series, Netflix has confirmed the new The Haunting of Hill House¬† Season 2 on 21st February 2019. This series is also gonna be created by the director of the season 1 Mike Flanagan. This haunting is given a new name ‘The haunting of Bly Manor.’

    All this means that we are going to see the Crain family of the last time and one of the cast member has confirmed the end of the season and the story. So after summing up all the news together, we can guess that this season has a whole new story a new name and will have a new cast too.

    Netflix has confirmed that season is going to arrive in 2020 but there is no specific date confirmed by Netflix. If we look at the record of Haunting of Hills house it was released in October so we can expect that we are going to enjoy this season 2 in October 2020.

    Haunting of Hill House Season 2: When it's coming, plot, cast & release date
    CREDIT: Netflix

    How Will Haunting of Hill House season 2 be about?

    The show’s season story revolves around the Crain family in which there are 7 members Hugh and Olivia Crain and there 5 children and the series flip back in the forth of time and now in the present day the children are now adult and the Crain adults are still haunted with the experience they had in the Hill House and in those circumstances they lost there mother Olivia Crain and some circumstances forced the Crain children to come back to the haunting house.

    In season 2 things are going to be more terrifying when the members will get to know about that the house is really alive and the red room in the house plays the role of the stomach of the house. This means that season 2 is going to be more terrifying and spookier and it is going to haunt the fans like no series ever did.