HBO Got Rotten Tomatoes For “GOT SEASON 8”


    Games of Thrones is an American fantasy serial drama created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss for HBO. Final & season 8 of this web show has already been released after two years in 2019.


    Season 8 depicts the climax of the series two primary conflicts: the great war against the army of the dead, and the last battle for control of the iron throne.

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    Having a two-year break between season 7 & 8 created huge expectations from the fans that the script would be fantastic and wind up the storyline. It is the lowest rated and the only season with bad rating. I must applaud the cinematography and the great battle scenes, but the script writing is not up to the mark. Many things are just unspoken, and many plots are drooped.

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    GOT is known for their strong script and connecting between incidents, but this time they lost every battle. From the very underwhelming deaths of Jaime and cersie Lannister, a rather bland cleganebowl, to an annoying Jon snow, everyone is disappointed with the final season. This season of game of thrones is breaking the hearts of fans on any levels.

    Angry audience has signed a petition:

    A particularly devastating fan created a petition on demanding remake and rewrite the entire season 8 of GOT. as of May 26 it amassed over 1.5 million signatures, so we all know that the feeling is mutual. The text on the petition described David Benioff and D.B.Weiss as “woefully incompetent writers.”

    trailer is a masterpiece & the season is a complete atrocity

    In an interview with the new yorker, Emilia Clarke told she had to hold back her innermost anxiety from Beyonce. She said, “I was just like oh my god my idol Beyonce likes me, but I know by the end of the season she is going to hate me.” This petition is not about changing what is happening but how! It is not about how the characters end up but how they get there. It feels rushed and unfinished. That’s what fans got mad about.