Henry Cavill might have been written off from future Superman movies


    Henry Cavill might not be the face of a new Superman movie under works. The future of Cavill as Superman was already doubtful. The actor was last seen donning the suit in Justice League. Fans have since imagined Cavill in a Superman Rebirth costume in their artworks.

    Credits: ScreenGeek

    As per reports by We Got This Covered, Warner Brothers is working on a Superman movie. However, Henry Cavill would not be the face of the new movie. If reports are to be believed then there would be split in the DCEU. Some characters from the DCEU would continue in their original timelines. The rest would be portrayed in a fresh timeline in the future.

    Superman might appear in the new future timeline alongside Supergirl and Batman. Warner Brothers have already begun its casting for future Batman movies. They have nabbed Robbert Pattinson for the role already. Hence, it might be that Warner Brothers are preparing for a new Superman movie. Henry Cavill might have been written off from the movies. That would leave the production house to find a new face for Superman.

    However, this new revelation might upset a few fans of the DCEU. A lot of them are clamoring for Henry Cavill to don the suit once again. Digital artists on Instagram have images of Cavill donning the suit from the comics.

    Despite having been written off in the Justice League movies, fans continue to pour support for Henry Cavill. They picture him in the iconic costume. One particular fan artist on Instagram has reimagined the suit for the rebirth of Superman.


    ArtofTimeTravel uploaded a picture on his Instagram account with Henry Cavill wearing the Superman Rebirth suit. The post has garnered over seven thousand likes. However, Cavill is next slated to appear on The Witcher. So, it leaves his future in the DCEU uncertain.