Here is all you need to know about Stranger Things Season 3 


    The much awaited “STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3” will be back soon with a bang……

    The American Science fiction cum horror web series is ready for its season 3 release. Stranger Things Season 3 is based on the summer backdrop and is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. This season is also inspired by the ’80s-era work of people like Stephen King and Steven Spielberg and has always worn its influences on its sleeve.

    Previously the series was very much appreciated. Both the seasons were phenomenal in terms of script, music and acting. Thus makers are super excited to release its third season. Also they are expecting a wonderful public response once the season is on air this July 4. This time the series will be back with powerful 8 episodes. The titles of all these 8 episodes were already announced way back in January 2019.

    With less than a month  left for the release, makers have now released the first poster of season 3. There’s a brand new mall in the town. Now the kids are out of school and are on their way to adulthood. They now realize that friendship is stronger than fear. Even the group’s dynamic changes as romance blossoms among the lead characters. Amidst all this, danger still prevails.  The town continues to be in threat by evil powers. The poster makes it clear that makers have put their heart and soul in this season.

    There are speculations that this season will also highlight Jim and Eleven’s relationship.”Hopper and Eleven this season really resemble what I and my dad are. You know, just a real father-daughter relationship, something that is extremely raw, emotional and yet normal. I mean, he just adopted her last season,” Millie Bobby Brown playing Eleven’s role said in an interview.