Hey there! The ghost face has finally arrived to make you scream louder!!!


    Ghost face is new epic entry from the”Dead by daylight”. The trailer was released recently and seems quite appealing to the audiences.

    Well, the trailer has built excitement in their fans. This Ghost face seems to have some different abilities and ideas for stalking the survivors. It has some really cool killer perks which have been highlighted in the trailer.
    Dead by daylight was always an interesting game since it has been released. The game is played as one player vs the other online multiplayer, over here anyone will take the role of the deadly killer and the best players will play as survivors, continuously avoiding the killer and being caught and trying to escape from him.

    In this Ghost face,  As explained in the trailer, the Ghost face will have his night Shroud power. This power is limited, as soon as this power is no more he can’t stalk the victims. As long as he has his power and it is active, he can hunt his victims through emitting the red “vision cone” or the terror radius.

    As we discussed the savage killer will have his Night Shroud and this is going to be a very very useful tool for killing the survivors who are unaware about his presence, but to the next side, his tool does have a few limitations. And these limitations will make it tricky and keep the entire game interesting. Ghost Face also comes with the three more interesting perks. The first one says I’m All Ears, now this will make the survivor visible on the map if they create any noise in the killer’s radius. The second one “The Thrilling Tremors”, it might make the killer more powerful, because it gives him the ability to sense and understand what generators the group is focused on. And the third and last is “Furtive Chase”, with this special perk, it brings the twists in the game and that is the survivor who frees the obsession, itself becomes the obsession and clearly a target for the killer!!
    Well, overall with these super crazy perks it seems the Ghost Face will have a great time entertaining the audiences. And let’s see if it make you scream louder.
    The game has its own special features which make it look really cool.

    Dead by daylight Ghost Face is now available on PC, Xbox, PS4.