How black widow is going to bring Taskmaster into the MCU.


    After experiencing those heartbreaking events if the Avengers Endgame. Marvel’s heads have been left questioning what is left for the Black Widow solo movie.

    Having sacrificed herself in exchange for the Soul Stone, Scarlett Johansson‘s original Avenger is written out of the current timeline altogether, transforming the fandom’s excitement into apprehension.

    While doing an interview the directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo defended their decision of taking off one of the marvel’s favourite female superhero. And the Marvel boss Kevin Feige also attempted to offset the backlash while having a discussion over prequel.

    While having an interview with the cinema blend he told them that “there is always a method to the madness, there is always a method and doing an unexpected way to find fun.

    “There are ways to do prequels that are less informative or answer questions you didn’t necessarily have, and then there are ways to do prequels where you learn all sorts of things you never knew before.”

    Black Widow

    There arises a question that in this question whether the movie is able to make an impact on the fans when everyone knows how our leading lady is doing to be dusted off.

    You know what can answer this question, the pictures from the black widow set. We should thank these pictures to get us the first look of the armoured character which has recently joined the MCU set. After looking at the behind the scenes pictures we can that the Marvel’s anti-hero Taskmaster is coming back to the MCU.

    Rumours about the presence of the Taskmaster at the black widow movie set are steaming up and these snaps from behind the scenes of the set really helped these rumours. Although no one from the production team has confirmed the debut of the supervillain.

    As we all know that the taskmaster has a special power of imitating his opponent using his photogenic reflexes, and fans are really excited to see black widow fighting taskmaster. And it could set the character up as a new mainstay of the marvel phase 4