How Qwerty Keypad Was Born? This Question Got It’s Answer Now


    Don’t you wonder why the keyboard doesn’t have alphabetical order else having Qwerty?  We always thought this once in life.

    Why are the letters on the keyboard are not in the alphabetical order? Is a very common question asked by every child ever when presented with a keyboard?

    We often heard about the story that this keyboard is made by a blind man who put alphabets randomly. And he didn’t know what he was doing. We also heard that this had been done to make our work easy as the alphabets which are on the left side is mostly used. And the alphabets which are in medium use are placed in the middle — followed to the right side with the alphabets which are not used much.

    How Qwerty Keypad Was Born? This Question Got It's Answer Now

    Most of us were taught that the man who created the keyboard created the QWERTY design to slow down typists. As the faster someone typed, the more usual the typewriter jammed, so Christopher Scholes put common letters in hard-to-reach spots.

    This popular theory was just exploded. According to a new concept in The Smithsonian, the QWERTY keyboard was created based on the advice of telegraph operators. The first keyboards were often being used by telegraph operators to translate morse code, and the keyboards were built for that.

    The QWERTY controversy is coming out to light now, as techies reconsider the utility of the keyboard arrangement. The time has come, and some say that we should revise the keyboard for an increasingly mobile world.

    The recently disclosed KALQ keyboard for smartphones is made for typing with just your thumbs.

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