Ink Master Season 12 Episode 2: Everything you need to know


    “Team leaders emerge in a shocking new season-long twist that sends the artist wake-up call and shakes up the competition” read the official synopsis of ink master season 12.

    The ink master season 12 has already set in with its first episode titled “the ink will spread for itself.” A “Battle of sexes”  is all it marks its entry as.

    A battle of sexes

    It’s the first time that the show has showcased an equal number of male and female tattoo artists. Eventually, we can expect a tighter competition as there would be only one tattoo artist who will be the winner. Masses are eagerly waiting for the episode 2 to launch. The title is “A storm is Brewing”. We expect that the battle of sexes will continue for 100K dollars and the glorious title of the ink master.

    Earlier, the show was mostly male-driven. Hence, season 12’s Battle of sexes, would showcase that the world of tattooing is not only for men, even the women are strong enough to compete.

    This season would be different from the rest. It’s going to reveal something very new that the fans have never seen before. The competition has become tighter than earlier so anyone who wins would deserve it.

    Ink master season 12 episode 2 is all set to storm in on Tuesday, June 18.