Irina And Bradley Over Their Relationship, Know The Reason


    Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have recently split up from one other. Prior to this, there had been rumors going around for a while about the tension rising between them. Seems like the smoke generated was not without any fire.


    Irina was seen heading to Iceland after breakup for her photo shoot with Italian brands Falconeri and Intimissimi. Furthermore, she also posted photos from this shoot on her Instagram account. Irina has set up a new standard for everyone when it comes to handling social media, post-breakup.

    Irina can be seen enjoying her photo shoot and looking as stunning and beautiful as ever.

    She also seems to be taking in nature’s beauty and relaxing.

    On the other hand, Bradley Cooper went for a night out with his guy friends. They visited a celebrity hot spot the Sunset tower hotel at Los Angeles on Monday. They were there for about 2 hours before they left.

    What the future holds…

    Both Bradley and Irina seem to be coping well with their breakup and taking a forward step in their respective life. The problems arose for the couples when Bradley was shooting for, “A STAR IS BORN”. Cooper was emotionally unavailable during the shoot of ” A Star Is Born”. This created distance between the two which they tried to recover from unsuccessfully. ¬†They believed the relationship was not the same as before. One could say that we might not see Bradley and Irina back together. We can only hope for them to have a better future ahead of them.