Iron Man getting replaced by Iron Heart. Is it Official Now ?


    Iron Heart is Coming? But is She on the way to Replace Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a. Iron Man as he broke many a hearts in Avengers: Endgame. Fans could not stop wondering who can ever fit into the shoe of Iron Man perfectly ever. However, the buzz is all around that there may be an introduction of teen hero Ironheart.

    What Did Robert Downey Jr. Say?

    At the Gene Siskel Film Center, a gala was held over the weekend. Eve Ewing, the writer of the solo comic Ironheart, grabbed the opportunity to announce the fans. Eve said that Robert certainly believes Iron Man should be replaced by Ironheart in Marvel’s Comic Universe.

    Tweet, Tweet on Iron Heart

    Eve’s twitter comment later that evening confirmed the news. She wrote, ” I went straight back to the press area afterwards was like YOU ALL HEARD IT, WRITE THAT DOWN.”

    Heartwarming Ironheart

    Well, Ironheart made her appearance when Tony Stark was left in a coma in Civil War II. There was a need for a new iron person and guess who filled up that gap? It was the fifteen-year-old girl who created her armour. This young girl won the heart of Tony immediately so much so that he gave his A.I to help her out. Isn’t that amazing?


    Marvel’s Plans

    It’s not Robert Downey Jr. who thinks Ironheart is the perfect replacement for Iron Man. Marvel has been planning this long back. Several rumours have been about Marvel’s plans. With Robert’s comment, fans can expect the news to be true too soon.

    Powerhouse Ironheart

    Riri Williams is Ironheart who appeared in 2015. Ironheart is a great character. She is a black woman who builds her suit and is ready to take on the world anytime. Riri is surely going to be a treat to watch. Fans are already excited about Riri joining the famous squad of Peter Parker and Sam Wilson.

    Iron Heart

    Riri will add her personal touch to the character, and she is no doubt the best choice for the replacement of Iron Man.

    Fans are eagerly waiting for an official confirmation from Marvel. Hopefully, we all get the good news pretty soon.