Is Justin Bieber creating trademark drama for Hailey Baldwin’s beauty line?


    Past few months have been all about Justin and Hailey. Their relation still manages to make headlines this time too…

    The couple’s private life is getting absolutely unpredictable. Sometimes they are madly in love otherwise they don’t leave a single chance to create problems for one another. Recently, Hailey dream of starting a beauty line came to an end because of a trademark issue.

    Reported, Hailey used Bieber’s name for filing the trademark. To this, the board rejected her application as a similar named is issued to Justin. When Justin was 9, he filed the same name for his cosmetic brand. Now Hailey has to look for another option in order to fulfill her dream.

    This is not enough, the couple is experiencing a difficult phase in their relation also. The latest album of Justin indicates that he is still not done with his ex-girlfriend, Selena. Fans claim that somewhere Justin has a soft corner for Selena. Somehow lyrics of the song also depicts his connection with his ex.

    Early this month, there were rumors that the couple is on the verge of filing a divorce. It was believed that Hailey doesn’t want to continue her relationship with Justin. We really don’t know what exactly is going in their heads!!!

    While amid these rumors, Justin still claims that he is madly in love with Hailey. Even Hailey also has somewhat similar feelings for her husband. They urge fans not to believe in any such rumor and conveys that they will be together forever.

    People close to Justin says Hailey is the only reason behind Justin’s survival. She only helped Justin to come out of depression and lead a normal life. We hope that the couple solves their differences if there are any. Fans want to see Justin and Hailey together!!!