Is Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘Don’t Check On Me’ Really About Selena Gomez?


    Justin Bieber released his new song ‘Don’t Check On Me,’ and we couldn’t help but think that the song is about his ex Selena Gomez.

    Don’t Check On Me is all about Justin and Selena…

    The new song Don’t Check On Me by Justin Bieber which was released on June 25 with Chris Brown and Ink has caused an uproar among fans. Twitter was flooded with many comments from fans with many gushing over Bieber. But on the other hand, some tweeted that the song is all for his ex-flame, Selena.


    Fans’ reactions to the song on Twitter…

    Many posts on Twitter say that Bieber should stop obsessing over Selena and move on with his married life. One such post read that it is ironic that the song in itself is a reach out to Selena.

    Another post read that Justin being a married man should himself stop stalking Selena and get over the idea that Selena’s obsessed with him.

    Despite all these, many said that the song had got nothing to do with Selena and not to look into it more than needed as it’s just a song. This situation reminds us of Justin’s 2015 song Love Yourself, which was surrounded by the same kind of speculations.

    Justin, Selena, and Hailey…

    Justin and Selena had an on and off relationship since 2010. The teen couple had won many hearts together since they became a couple, but they had a volatile relationship. And last year, Bieber finally broke many hearts and gave a major shock to everyone, especially to those fans who ardently shipped both of them when he announced his marriage to Hailey Baldwin last September.

    Now looking at the lyrics of the new song, it’s hard to deny that it doesn’t remind us of Jelena’s ended relationship.