Is Matrix 4 really happening? Shocking answers revealed!


    The upcoming matrix movie is on its way to hit the theatre soon. The release date is still a suspense. But we are hoping to have this soon in theaters.

    When The Matrix Revolutions closed the long and twisted story that is The Matrix trilogy, the world thought it was the end of the story.

    Apparently, that wasn’t initially the truth, as Warner Bros has been confirmed as turning the world of Neo and the human resistance back on, with a new film. Looking forward to this is an evolving situation; we felt it would be a good idea to collect everything we know in this handy, up-to-the-minute guide.

    Is Matrix 4 really happening? Shocking answers revealed!


    This new sequel of The Matrix series was reported as a reboot of the series, much to the consideration of the internet. Apparently, the film is not a reboot or a remake of the original Matrix series, and rather it’s a new adventure in the current continuation of the story. Rumors are also coming that the film will include the story of a young Morpheus and his adventures down the digital rabbit hole.

    The direction and cast have not been finalized yet. But we are assuming that the production will start as soon as possible. And that too till the end of the year. Currently, writer Zak Penn is the name attached to the writing responsibilities and role for the new Matrix film. Recently known as the writer behind Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One, Penn is also a team member of the Transformers Universe’s writer’s room.

    So it will all be finalized soon. And we are just assuming and jotting down rumors to break the fact. Let’s see what happens next.