Is Patrick J Adam and Meghan Markle Returning for Suits’ Final Season?


    The first season of Suits first appeared in USA Network in 2011. In the show, apart from Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter, Patrick J. Adams’ Michael Ross won the heart of millions. But to the dismay of fans, Patrick Adams left the show in the seventh season. Now rumors are going on they may soon reprise his role in the show.

    Suits is an American origin legal drama television series which premiered on USA Network. The show holds the record for the network for the longest running original series in terms of episode and seasons. The show has completed its eighth season and has been renewed for its ninth season. The upcoming season will act as the final installment for the show.

    Is Patrick J Adam and Meghan Markle Returning for Suits' Final Season?

    After a teaser was posted on Suits’ official Instagram handle, speculation started to surface that it’s likely that Patrick will reprise his role. Along with him, Meghan Markel’s name was also surfaced in reprising her role for the final season.

    Both the lead actor/actress left the show in its seventh season after she married Prince Harry of the British Royal Family. Without the main lead in its eighth season, Suits managed to have decent viewership.

    Earlier this month it was announced that Patrick J. Adams would reprise his role only for one episode. It is less for what we have expected, but this will certainly add fuel to the fire for the final season. As for Meghan appearing in the show, the chances are meager.

    The final season will premiere on 17th July.