Is Preacher Season 4 Cancelled or Coming Back? Dominic Cooper might have an answer


    There isn’t any such thing as never. Any man can change himself, so we wish this news could be changed. The preacher is about to culminate with Season 4 on 4th August 2019.


    Jesse (the preacher), Tulip (Jesse’s ex-girlfriend) and Cassidy (an Irish vampire) go on a hunt to find god. They land into a battle covering Heaven and Hell. The story has reached the dead end, Jesse might find God. Preacher’s season 4 is going to end the series adapted from the original comic written by Garth Enis. An apologetical tweet by the co-creator/executive-producer Seth Rogen disclosed the news. He wrote on Instagram: “The fourth and final season of ‘Preacher’ is coming. It’s been a wild ride. Thank you all.”


    Tyson Ritter, who is an American singer, plays dual roles in the show Preacher as Humperdoo and Jesus. In the end season, his appearance is bound to increase. As of now, he has only appeared in five episodes, but now all eyes will be on him as he takes the central role.

    Fans wait very impatiently to know how the journey of the trio ends. They will be immensely missed. They still got a bunch of foes, and the upcoming season will be starting from when Cassidy was taken to Masada.

    Now that only one last season is left, it can be assured that Seth, Evan, and Sam will be showing their best skills to bring the series to a satisfying closure. Will Jesse find God? Will the trio’s blood and sweat pay off with an answer to their quest? Will they survive the enemies? Stay seated, stay tuned, and find out in the Season 4 of the Preacher on August 4.