Is Zendaya secretly working on Disney’s The Little Mermaid Live Action Movie


    Disney is surrounded by rumors about the upcoming cast of the little mermaid. The information is hitting the web that Zendaya and Harry are going to be cast in the movie.

    This time the Disney will produce a live-action adaptation little mermaid and not animated version. Zendaya is suitable for the central leadership role of Ariel. Who use to love and care for everyone.

    After practically 30 years Disney has decided to remake the “ the little mermaid” into live in action isn’t it exciting? This movie will become popular among everyone.

    Zendaya as The Little Mermaid

    We all know Ariel, the main leading character. She looked so beautiful and mesmerizing. Zendaya, the American actress is to be cast as Ariel in the life in an action movie. She is only 22 years old and made her debut with Disney’s shake it up. We are aware that Zendaya Coleman in the coming Spiderman far from home releasing this July 2019 and was last seen in her series Euphoria.

    The 25 years old English singer and musician who rose to fame with his former band One Direction. He is having a high youth fan following. Evaluating his charming personality and that he has a prince factor. There has been a rumor that he may be cast as Prince Eric opposite to Ariel in the life on action movie of the little mermaid. Harry was last seen acting on the movie Dunkirk in 2017 before that he starred in the One Direction movies.

    This couple will surely win every heart with their movie with Disney. And they will justify their roles with their acting and looks. So let’s hope that this rumor happens and we enjoy this movie on big screens.