After counting of the votes, it came into light that Tiffany Cabán will be the Queen’s county district attorney by defeating Melinda Katz with slightly higher votes on 25th June 2019.

    Tiffany Cabán, born in 1988 in Richmond Hill, Queens, and her parents are from Puerto Rican descent. Cabán is a public defender and American attorney who works for drug awareness and the good of the people. She identifies herself as queer and supports all those belonging to the LGBTQ group.

    SOURCE- latinorebels.

    She did her schooling in St. Francis Preparatory School and before that attended PS62 and JHS210. After that, she did studies in Bachelor of Arts from Pennsylvania majoring in crime, justice, and law. Simultaneously she gained Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School.

    She works for the society in a way she does work on mass incarceration, criminal law justice, and ending wars on drugs. She belongs to ‘Democratic’ political party and before winning in the voting won hearts of people. Who had faith in her and answered those who thought that it’s not her cup of tea.

    “They said I was too young; they said I didn’t look like a district attorney…

    It was reported that 98% votes were there and Tiffany won with a lead of 1299 votes against Melinda Katz. After claiming the win, Tiffany said, “They said I was too young, they said I didn’t look like a district attorney, they said we couldn’t build a movement from the grassroots, they said we could not win —  but we did it y’all.”

    SOURCE- latinorebels

    Before the voting people supported Cabán. Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders said, “I am pleased to endorse Tiffany Caban, who is running for District Attorney in Queens, New York. Like our campaign, Tiffany is taking on virtually the entire political establishment. And like our campaign, Tiffany has put together the kind of grassroots effort it takes to win.”

    Tiffany Cabán has promised people to transform the Queens District Attorney’s office after years of witnessing its abuses on the front lines.