J Balvins Album Oasis With Bad Bunny Dropped!! But Why You Should Care?


    J Balvin revealed that he and Bad Bunny had about six to seven songs in the vault in May 2018. Since then the fans have been eagerly expecting the album. J Balvin and Bad Bunny have finally released their joint album, Oasis.


    Balvin made a statement about the album that Oasis is more than water. He added that Oasis is a relief to freshen up and says that Oasis supplies people vital things which they need. J says that his album songs will give people what they lack spiritually and will freshen up as an Oasis does.


    Fans have been anticipating for this album for a long time, and the hype surged when J Balvin posted this picture. The post received over 500k tweets, and as said in the caption they released the album. Balvin released his album “vibrance” in 2018, and Bad Bunny released his album later the year. The two stars also shared the same stage in Coachella.


    The album contains guest appearances by Mr. Eazi and Marciano Cantero of Enanitos Verdes. This album is different from any album Balvin has produced. The two also sat down with Zane Lowe and talked about mental health, how to elevate the culture and future collaborations and projects.

    The take on the album would be that the songs pairs well with these hot summer days and what more do you want. The artist says that this type of project has not been done in the Latino Market. Bunny says that a lot of people are proud of Balvin and a lot of people are proud of himself too. Bunny adds that the album is like a collaboration of Columbia and Puerto Ricco. He says that the album is something bigger than themselves.