Jason Bateman & Laura Linney finally back for Ozark Season 3, Plot, Release date & everything you need to know


    The American crime drama web series Ozark season 3 will be back very soon. As of now, two seasons were released on Netflix. Ozark season 1 was premiered in July 2017.


    The story revolves around Marty Byrde a happily married to Wendy Byrde for last 20 years. They have two children Charlotte and Jonah Byrde. However, the problem started after Wendy had an affair with a local businessman and cheated her husband. Initially, Marty worked as a financial advisor turning into a money launderer for a drug cartel. Having got himself involved in this, it became extremely difficult to extricate himself from the ensuing situations. The Byrde family was also under constant watch by the drug cartel.

    The last episode of Ozark season 2, had shown the murder of FBI agent Roy Petty and Cade Langmore. Before his death, Cade threats his daughter Ruth that he reveals to Wyatt that she killed Russ and Byod. A few days later, on the opening of a casino, Helen (a member of the drug carter) had a talk with the Byrde about her trip to Chicago. Wendy informed Marty that the family wouldn’t be fleeing to the Gold Coast and they were very much safer in Ozark.

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    In Season 3 we will be seeing that the murder mysteries are getting solved. One can also see that Wendy is finding this new lifestyle much more exciting and further get involved in the crime.


    The main characters will remain the same. However, as the character of the villain now does not exist, new entrants will have to get into the frame.

    Release date

    Ozark Season 3 will be premiered in the middle of next year. Now one can look forward to a much more intricate and thrilling trailer.

    Furthermore, it is expected that Ozark season 3 will keep the audience hooked to their seats as many mysteries will be released in this season
    Ozark season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.