Jason Momoa angry over two Fishermen over a Viral Video, Here is why?


    Recently, a disturbing video of two young men cutting off a shark tale went viral. To this sinful act, Jason Momoa spoke over Instagram.

    The most report says, the incident took place near Greenland, but there were conflicting reports that the incident happened in Iceland. Irrespective of the place, the convicts enjoyed this heinous act.

    The fishing company no longer employed these two young fishermen, yet they hacked a shark in their net and did the act. While doing it, they shot a video of it, in which they said: “Good luck trying to swim.” The video went viral, leading to public outrage and some stars took this to the social media which included Jason Momoa.

    Jason Momoa angry over two fishermen over a viral video, Here is why?

    The Aquaman star expressed his feelings over his Instagram handle. He wrote “And there you are……it sucks to see that you are probably good men friends providers fathers (sic), but you fucking did this. Your life will forever change; I have never in my life seen something so cruel.

    Your laugh makes me furious never have I wanted to hurt a human as much as I did when I heard your laughter and what you said. This will change you, and hopefully, you will save and protect. I pray you to find redemption. We all make mistakes, but what you did was evil PURE EVIL. You will get what that shark got..”

    Rumours are criminal charges against the convicts have been made to stop such kind of heinous acts.