Jason Momoa talks about ‘Aquaman’ sequel


    The DC Extended Universe had a very shaky start. Man of Steel and BvS: Dawn of Justice were divisive ventures. Suicide Squad also didn’t help the cause.

    Then came Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. The WWI flick gave the DC universe a fresh breath. The movie was highly praised and was the first superhero movie with a woman playing the lead character. People loved it.


    But it was yesteryears Aquaman that got the DCEU back on track. It exceeded expectations. The movie also became the highest grossing DCEU movie. And the credit goes to Jason Momoa.

    Why? Because what he did with the character could never have been imagined if we didn’t witness it with our own eyes. He brought a sense of badassery to the Aquaman character. Who could’ve guessed that the orange and green wearing underwater superhero could be portrayed like this? But Momoa did it and left us wanting for more. And the good news is he is far from done with the character.

    While appearing on The Ellen Show, he talked about what was going on with the movie and why he has shaved off his magnificent beard( which deserves its post, tbh).

    While talking about the movie, he said, “I was, really, passionate, to do the second one because it’s the first time where it’s all on Earth. It’s combining land and sea, kind of like what I’m doing with this [environmental cause]. No outside aliens are destroying Earth; it’s us. And so I was excited to get back in there, and so I’ve been working with our previous writer and getting in there, and we’ve got a locked story, and we’re getting into it.”

    And like a star on a decorated Christmas tree, he also confirmed that his grizzly beard would be back for the movie.

    The Aquaman sequel has a release date of December 16, 2022.

    All Hail The King!