Jeff Austin Passed Away on Monday, His Cause of Death is Still Unknown!


    The former bluegrass legend, mandolinist, and singer, Jeff Austin has sadly passed away on Monday. Its kind of heartbreak and melancholy to hear out sudden death of the beloved personality who has been admired by millions. His abrupt death shocked the bluegrass community for sure.

    The news of his death was confirmed officially on June 25 through an official statement. The singer from Arlington Heights, Illinois died on June 24, 2019, in Seattle, Washington.

    Jeff Austin Passes away at 45, Death Confirmed by Facebook Page

    The man himself made a Facebook post on early mornings of June 22 mentioning the ‘Medical Emergency’ and was sorry for missing out to play at a ROMP music festival, Back Home Appalachian Arts & Music Festival, and Smoky Run Music Festival. When Austin posted this, rumors surfaced about his apparent death or suicide. But hours later it was thought of hoax. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

    After the Facebook post of Medical Emergency, the singer was hospitalized, and then there was another follow-up story that his family has started a Sweet Relief Fund for the medical urgency of the singer. Despite the rumor of death, flowing through the Internet, Austin’s former band members quoted that he [Austin] was still with them. Besides, they requested all the fans and close ones to send love and wishes.

    Jeff Austin Passes Away At 45, Cause of Death Still Undisclosed!

    Jeff Austin was the founding member of Yonder Mountain String Band and has created and composed lots of remarkable songs. The guy is an aristocratic personality in the bluegrass group. With various amazing moments and tours with the group, the mandolinist decided to leave the group to care and spend good time with his newborn daughter in 2013. He claimed to be with his daughter to experience the fact of being a dad as he never got the same chance with his father.