Jeff Austin Suicide rumors is just a flimflam. Singer in a Medical Emergency nothing more.


    Update: On his Facebook page it was confirmed that Jeff Austin Passed away on Monday due to some unknown medical condition.

    There has been a wave of shocking rumor buzzing around the Internet about the possible death of mandolinist and bluegrass legend Jeff Austin. The singer from Arlington Heights garnered the rumor of his suicide since the night of June 21 after he made a Facebook post.

    In a Facebook post, he wrote, “My friends… due to a to a medical emergency I am unfortunately unable to play my sets next week at ROMP music festival, Back Home Appalachian Arts & Music Festival, and Smoky Run Music Festival. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.”

    Well, the fact is, he is alive and viable. Nobody knows, and the singer himself didn’t reveal exactly why the ‘medical emergency’ hit him. But the fans and people (well most people, fans don’t want his death) started to make things of suicide and his apparent death. Internet flooded with tweets and post about ‘Austin and Suicide.’

    Jeff Austin was a page-one guy of the progressive American band named Yonder Mountain String Band. With the birth of his daughter, he announced his withdrawal from the Yonder band in 2013. He said, leaving the band and being with his daughter was the right decision he ever made. He also added he never grew up with his father so he must stay home and be a dad. So soon after he released his solo album named, The Simple Truth in 2015.