Jessa duggar wrote a eulogy Letter to grandma, Was it a stunt to gain views?


    Recently, the Duggar is surrounded by the new controversy as she wrote a eulogy letter to her Late grandma publicly.

    Jessa is an American television actress popularly known as for being the part of the cast of TLC’s reality show 19 Kids and counting and counting. She is also the co-author of Growing up Duggar: It’s all About Relationships with her sister Jana, Jill and Jinger. As we all know, earlier this week Marry Duggar passed away. She was the mother of Jim Bob Duggar and was loved by family, friends, and fans. Her death left everyone devastated and shocked in the Duggar family. All the week around, Mary’s dear ones took social media to express their grief for their millions of followers.
    Jessa also took her website which she runs with her husband, Ben Seewald. She posted her tribute to Mary on her website.

    Writing about her Grandma, she wrote..
    “It did not matter who you were, she was Grandma to you.
    That’s most often how she would introduce herself. ‘Hi, I’m Grandma!’ She was a very genuine person and took a genuine interest in people. She uses to remember the tiniest details about you, and next time when you would meet her she inquire about the things, you told her previously.
    She continued saying that Grandma’s biggest joy was her ever-expanding family.
    She used to welcome each baby with great joy and happiness Jessa wrote.

    Duggar said, that her Grandma was an exhorter and a successful businesswoman who remained active until her final days. She was entirely loved and she impacted the lives of so many people. She concluded her grief saying..

    “While we weep over our loss, we realize that she has been united with the person she loved more than anyone here on this earth. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

    “We love you, Grandma.”

    There are many fans who might judge Jessa but her sincerity is so evident. Now whatever it might be a stunt to gain views or anything else so but we sure do miss our grandma and this eulogy makes us weep.