“Jessica Jones” a Badass girl with a bad past, will season 3 have a blast!?


    Jessica Jones is a Netflix original series, based on the Marvel comics on the darker marvel character Jessica. This series is based on a graphic novel intended for adults, not a superhero story for kids. The first season was premiered on 20 November 2015.

    Jessica Jones

    When a tragedy puts an end to her short-lived career as a superhero, Jessica opens her own detective agency, called Alias and settles in New York City. The season one and season two revolves around how Jessica finds out about her dark pasts which does make feel for her but not so much that you’ll like her. The character Jessica Jones is played by Krysten Ritter and she is incredibly amazing and does justice to the character. Her acting abilities bring glory to this television series. We cannot forget to mention David Tennant who was phenomenal as Purple Man (Killgrave) also known as Kevin Thompson. His character has received a huge amount of appreciation from the fans. His controlling powers, obsession for Jessica was wonderfully delivered on screens.

    Jessica Jones

    Though the actors did their very best in both the seasons, there was a wave of disappointment from the audiences about season two. Season 2 wasn’t able to make a mark on the screens and had a very poor performance. It failed to lock their audience to binge watch the entire season. The slow revealing of the mystery of the storyline became irritating and therefore didn’t glue too many fans to their screens. There was a satisfactory end to the season which still somehow manages to keep the fans thinking about the upcoming episodes with the more promising plot. Season 03 is all set to have a better comeback on 14 June 2019. Let’s hope the bad girl and her pasts have a blast with their fans.