Jessica Jones in Marvel Phase 4 ? CAN IT HAPPEN?


    Krysten Ritter has played Jessica Jones in three seasons of Netflix series. With its last season being aired on Netflix, Marvel has cut all its ties to Netflix. But is it the end for Jessica Jones on the big screen or something more could be brewing.

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    Marvel’s Phase four will begin in 2020, and a lot of movies have been lined up for that. In the comics and on screen it is indicated that Jessica is least interested in becoming a superhero. While it might be the end of Jessica on Netflix, it could mean a new start for Jessica to come on the big screen finally.

    The movies lined up for Marvel phase 4 are Doctor Strange 2, Shang-chi, guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3. while all these awesome movies are lined, Jessica could be seen in any one of the films. Jessica is a private detective who wants to drink all day.  She is seen as rough around the edges and has a different ideology about heroes.

    Jessica does not want herself to be seen as a hero, and it does not matter if the world sees her as a hero. Marvel may have cut ties with Netflix, but they certainly did not say that it is the end of characters too. Jessica Jones is a type of style which could accommodate anywhere in phase 4.

    It is also possible that the building doctor strange will jump in will be of Jessica where she will beat the crap out of Stephen. It would be epic to see a Netflix character crossover on the big screen. No matter what happens, everyone would be happy if the crossover happens or she might get her movie.