Jessica Jones: Makers Feel that They The Show Got a Better Farewell Than Other Marvel Series


    Jessica Jones is experiencing its final journey on Netflix. Its third season seems to get the upper hand than the other small screen Marvel series.  Any of Jessica Jones sibling series including The Punisher, doesn’t get time to give a satisfying series send-off like this one. Marvel’s Iron Fist,  Luke Cage, and Daredevil have already waved their hand for goodbye. The journey of the Punisher also ended in January.

    The showrunner of Jessica Jones promises a Satisfying ending:

    Melissa Rosenberg, showrunner of Jessica Jones, hopes that the makers get enough time to land the character satisfyingly for fans and them also. Collider reported her words as “It was going to be my last season. But then it became the last season for the show, as well, which enabled us to look at ‘Where do we want to leave each of these characters?’” Rosenberg explained, “If you look at all three seasons, as a whole, what feels like a complete journey for all of the characters? We got a chance to land them, satisfyingly, for us and, hopefully, for the audience.” Notably, Melissa was due to leave the show after this year.


    What it will bring in the form of output is still in wait. Will Jessica, Trish (Rachael Taylor), and even new serial-killer villain Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb) will square off the series to a perfect closure for fans?

    Melissa said that all the cast and crew had set their mind onto giving Jessica Jones the ending it deserved. She stated, “We found closure with it. It was just gratifying, and it felt very honest.”

    Image Credit: Netflix
    Image Credit: Netflix

    The Marvel Siblings on the small screen don’t get the same fate as the big screen Marvel heroes. Jessica Jones who has recently felt the ax joined the list of Iron Fist,  Luke Cage,  Daredevil, and The Punisher. Netflix, with Jessica Jones, is ending its experiment with the Marvel characters and will no longer premier any of these.

    Release Date:

    The season 3 of Krysten Ritter starred Jessica Jones marked its debut on 14th June of this year.