‘Jinn’ – Netflix’s First Ever Arabic Series : Is it Worth Watching the fun?


    Netflix’s first ever Arabic original series from the Middle East titled ‘Jinn’ is now streaming. Here is everything you need to know about it.

    ‘Jinn’ Is Streaming Now On Netflix.

    Jinn is a coming-of-age teen drama of a total of five episodes with supernatural elements. The show began filming in August 2018, and it took the team a year to produce the series. The series premiered at a red carpet event in Amman on June 13.

    The first episode of the series streamed on June 15 on Netflix. It’s available in 190 countries in seven languages including Hindi. The series is subtitled in 20 languages.

    Details About The Story-line:

    The series revolves around a group of teenage friends. Mira played by Salma Malhas accidentally unleashes the supernatural forces of two spirits or Jinns (mythological creatures) into the world while in a cave during their school trip to Petra.

    Soon after the evil forces are out, it kills one of the friends, and the rest take on a battle to fight against the evil forces to protect one another. It will focus on the group as their friendships and budding romances are tested.

    Who Are All In The Series?

    The cast of Jinn                                                                                                    Cr. Netflix

    The cast includes a group of young and talented actors- Salma Malhas in the lead role as Mira, Hamza Abu Eqab, Sultan Alkhalil, Aysha Shahalthough, Yaser Al Hadi, and Ban Halaweh.

    Brothers Elan and Rajeev Dassani write the series while Mir-Jean Bou Chhaya directed it. The director said in an interview that the reason he took up Jinn was because of the authenticity that it holds.

    “We aim to create a fantastical show about young people in the Middle East in Arabic that’s real, authentic, and action-packed,” said Erik Barmack, Netflix’s VP of original international series. He promises that the show will be full of intrigue, adventure, and amazing storytelling from Jordan and for our audiences around the world.”

    You have to watch Jinn in case you are in search of an awesome story!