John Krasinski, Emily Blunt and Liam Hemsworth to play superhero in an upcoming MCU’s Fantastic Four


    The first superhero team created by Excelsior, and the great Stan Lee, named as Fantastic Four is one of the most popular and most loved Marvel Comics characters. For several three different occasions, these comics characters were adapted in the live-action motion picture.

    The first two were quite impressive while the third one received a lot of negative reviews and was a box-office bomb. But, now things are different as Disney officially acquired the Fox and rights to these characters. The insiders from We Got This Covered hints that Disney is aiming to bring these comics characters into Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Thomas Polito of Geeks World Wide made a tweet mentioning that Marvel is trying to cast both John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in the upcoming Fantastic Four project. Liam Hemsworth is also on the current target to land as one of the roles in Fantastic Four. The insiders are even assured that Kevin Feige the man himself is much excited to do a Fantastic Four movie with these outstanding actors. This is just a rumor, neither Disney nor Marvel has officially announced anything about this.

    John Krasinski is indeed a great actor himself. The Office and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan actor has gathered many praise and accolades for his performances in the respective role. Recently he played a vital role in the silent-horror movie named A Quiet Place. It’s evident that this 39-year-old actor has put himself in worthy position to land prominent roles, and his portrayal of superhero will add sugar in it.

    Well, Emily Blunt is a talented actress, and her performances in every movie are engaging and impressive. She would possibly make the best of Sue Storm in the film. Liam Hemsworth has been linked to play Human Torch in an upcoming (maybe) Fantastic Four movie. While recently he has been off the grid in movie-going, possibly spending time with Miley Cyrus but he will make the best out of it to land the role of Johnny Storm.

    Let’s hope the movie will get into the production eventually with these characters.