John Wick: The Continental series scheduled to release for Starz!


    John Wick, apparently is not satisfied with just the movies, seeing how The Continental is all set for a release. It has been over a year now since it has been taken under production. It is seeing how the series was started right after the John Wick chapter 3: Parabellum and possibly a lot before the fourth installment of the movie chronicles.

    In the fall of 2017, it was first brought to notice that the Franchise’s long-standing directing team consisting of Chad Stahelski and Derek Kolstad started to develop a TV spinoff series. This idea of production for a John Wick series reportedly started right after filming the John Wick 2. This series, featuring Chris Collins from The Wire as the showrunner, is reported to run on the Starz network.John Wick: The Continental series scheduled to release for Starz! Seeing how John Wick 3 took all the precautions to have a foundation with a film in place before the tv series plan to form, it makes us wonder is it was a coincidence after all? Or not.

    However, the biggest question of all, will the lead character of The Continental be a match to the infamous troublemaker John Wick?

    The answer to this question along with many questions remains shrouded in mystery seeing how we do not have any confirmation on all our predictions.John Wick: The Continental series scheduled to release for Starz! Another place you have to look for if you want to find areas of interest but with no details would be the part about where the timeline would be set?

    With the current updates what we cannot confidently assume is where the slot for the series would be set in the entire John Wick franchise timeline?

    Coming to who will we see in the series, Zlotnick in 2018 confirmed that we would be able to see Keanu Reeves, however, there is a high possibility of us not seeing Ian Mcshane in this series in his role of The Continental owner Winston.John Wick: The Continental series scheduled to release for Starz! Though we can safely speculate about having around three seasons, we are not entirely sure how long each would be. Nevertheless, we have a few strong reasons to believe the first season would be around 8 episode long.

    With the series having retained Chris Collins and the rest of the original creative team of John Wick, we can safely hitch our expectations higher for the series outcomes!