Jon Snow’s first appearance in Game of Thrones: saved his kingdom multiple times


    Jon Snow’s first appearance in Game of Thrones. He has saved his kingdom multiple times and defeated his rivals. His has emerged as a mythical figure and has settled in the Free Lands.

    About Jon Snow

    Kit Harrington alias Jon Snow was born Aegon Targaryen is the so of Lynna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. From the days of his infancy, he has been treated as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark. Though he was raised alongside his half-siblings he was never given equal treatment.

    Jon Snow was first seen in the first episode of Game Of Thrones, in the episode named “Winter is Coming”. His true parentage was kept secretive initially but was revealed in the final sections of the series.

    Jon had joined the Night’s watch in order to elevate himself to a higher status from the status of a “bastard son” where he was placed in the position of Lord Commander. Later, he was assassinated in a mutiny as he was spotted sympathizing with the Free Folk. Jon was resurrected by Red Priestess Melisandre following the orders of Ser Davos Seaworth. However, he was freed and later he joined his step-sister Sansa Stark and helped her to establish an army and they both retook Winterfell from House Bolton at the Battle of Bastards. the dominion of the Starks is restored over the North again. this triumph made him the King of the North.

    A Brief Analysis of Jon Snow

    Game of Thrones aficionados is well aware of the series of achievements of Jon Snow. Though he starts off as the bastard son but ultimately turns out to be the sanguine successor to his foster father. Jon is a figure who is cherished by people for his philosophies. He could be seen uniting with his step-siblings Arya and Bran Stark and saving his kingdom from further threats and defeating the rivals. Jon raises to be a god-like mythical figure who settles in the Free Lands marking the end of an era.