Justin Beiber and his wife Hailey Baldwin showering love on social media


    Justin Bieber the 25-year-old singer, the songwriter has a massive fan following and last year on September 13, 2018, the star married secretly Hailey Baldwin the American model and Television personality. Prior to that, they were rumored to be dating and which followed with engagement. Ever since then, they were never shy for the PDA’s, and fans went gaga over their cute relationship.

    The latest IG post from Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

    A few hours back, Bieber posted a picture with his beloved wife Hailey with a caption “ These are the moments I live for.. Alone time with you refreshes my soul. You are so out of my league, and I am okay with that! You are mine and I m yours” in the picture we see Hailey in a simple tee with a brown and green jacket along with a blue cap and Justin in white/blue tee along with a black cap having a deserted background. Many fans reacted to love and commented on how great they look.
    In fact, many celebrities friend of the couple such as Kendall Jenner commented, “A part of her is mine too” with an emoji. No one seems to get over with that lovely picture!

    More about them

    Justin was last heard on his collaboration with Ed Sheeran on the song “ I don’t care” apart from that he has been teasing his fans by posting pictures from studio recording where we see him his wife. In one picture, we saw Justin with a bare upper body, and his wife hugging from behind and another where they stand each other. Their second marriage is going to be on this September of 2019 with close friends and family being aside. As they married secretly with no media coverage; hopefully this time we will see more of that lovely couple.