Justin Beiber writes the song ‘Don’t Check on me’ on his ex, Selena Gomez?


    Justin Beiber’s new verse in Chris Brown’s song Don’t Check on me relates to his feelings towards Selena Gomez closely enough! This collab, released on June 25th left fans flabbergasted seeing how the lyrics are dangerously close Selena’s and Justin’s relationship!

    Before you start checking the news about Beiber and Hailey Baldwin, don’t fret! The newlywed couple is perfectly good.

    Don’t Check on me gives you the vibes of somebody who is over their ex and wants to make the point that they completely don’t care to the supposed ex.
    Never Say Never singer’s collab tells us exactly how far he came to being over Back To You singer since their split!

    Justin Beiber writes the song 'Don't Check on me' on his ex, Selena Gomez!
    Justin’s verse from the song goes like this:
    Might run across your mind but don’t worry ’bout me, no / My heart is back in one piece, it ain’t skipped a beat, no / Feeling rested up, I ain’t missing sleep, no-oh / Don’t take it personal if I can’t reply now / I’m distant ’cause I don’t wanna be reached now / Won’t let the ghosts of our past weigh my future down / I’m liberated / Energy’s like a circle, it comes back around / Reciprocated / Don’t shed no more tears /Won’t gain any empathy from me / In the upcoming years / Oh, I don’t need your pity

    The lyrics go without saying why exactly we came to this conclusion of him writing this keeping Selena in mind.

    Justin Beiber writes the song 'Don't Check on me' on his ex, Selena Gomez!
    The chorus in addition also shouts out the same thing like this:
    Oh, don’t go reaching out’ / Cause you can’t have everything / Your head, and your heart won’t feel the same / Even if it feels like it every time / Don’t check on me if we’re not together / And it’s probably for a reason / Every heartbreak has its season / It ain’t always summer in June

    Ever since Justin tied the knot with Hailey back in Sept 2018, fans still had a huge doubt if he had done this only to get back at Gomez.

    However, it looks like Justin loves his wife for real, after all. This we can conclude from his own words that he was quick to share with the fans, “I absolutely loved and loved Selena she will always hold a place in my heart, but I am head over heels in love with my wife, and she is absolutely the BEST THING that has ever happened to me period.”

    Justin Beiber writes the song 'Don't Check on me' on his ex, Selena Gomez!
    With all the things being said from Justin’s POV, to be honest, I don’t think Gomez is thinking about Justin this hard if any at all. Nevertheless, even if she was, it’s pretty obvious Justin’s not.