Justin bieber and Hailey Baldwin are on the precipice: Split up is on its way ? What is the Truth


    Justin and Hailey are about to split up. Hailey doesn’t want to continue her stay in this marriage as Justin has too much to ask for. She said that she feels trapped. There are various speculations to this news. Some reports say that such claims are false and there is nothing wrong between them.

    The Rocky-Patch between Hailey and Justin:

    Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin

    According to the reports, lately, it has been heard that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are on the precipice. Rumors say that the relationship is not compatible between them. Hailey has said that she has had enough from this six months of the wedding. Justin is diagnosed with depression and requires his wife’s attention all the time. Hailey complains that she does not feel free. That is not what she had signed up for.

    The marriage of Bieber and Baldwin has been on fire these days. The split of various speculations. Some magazines believe that Gomez is the reason behind this split. Bieber has been continuously seeing her even after marriage. In the news lately, Bieber has asserted that he loves Selena, but he is head over heels in love with Hailey. Other reports say that Bieber has abandoned Hailey who is in the family way. Justin’s song “I don’t care” is reflective of that. Though, magazines are entirely ignoring the fact that Hailey is very supportive of her husband and is helping him to cope up with depression.

    Other Speculations

    Other reports negate all such allegations and rumors as claims such news to be false. There is nothing wrong between the couple, and they carried on well with each other. Justin’s reputation makes this rumor somewhat believable too. One of them being, he had allegedly walked out on Selena who loved her with all her might.