Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin- Are They Breaking Up? Everything Hailey Cleared


    Celeb couples surely know how to keep their fans excited and curious about their personal lives. We are always on a lookout for something new in their lives as well. Isn’t it so? Well, popular singer Justin Bieber has been making noises about his private life for long.


    The favorite singer got hitched to Hailey Baldwin, an American model, and television personality. Both of them did not shy away from the public eye and were very much open about their marriage. When everything seems perfect, do not forget that marriage is certainly not a cakewalk.

    Are They Splitting Up?

    Reports have been saying that the newlywed couple is going through a rough patch in their marriage. Everything isn’t lovey-dovey as it seems. The two even opened about the challenges of marriage to Vogue magazine.

    Justin’s friends were quite worried about his relationship with Hailey. They noted that the couple was having trust issues. Certainly not an easy time for both of them.

    Sources have also confirmed that Justin still very much needs his wife to be with him.

    While Justin’s friends are saying all these, we have somebody from Hailey’s side as well. Her sister Alaia told US Weekly- ” They’re very up and down, we don’t know.”


    Paparazzi have also found some evidence of their public fights on various occasions. In one photo, it clearly shows that the two are arguing.

    Fake News Guys

    Hailey is not at all paying heed to all these nonsense rumors about her marriage. She made it very clear through her Instagram post, not to believe these crap at all. She shared in her Insta story saying- “don’t believe what ya read on the Internet folks.” She also added a GIF of fake news with the post.


    The couple has been found having a good time with each other in recent pasts. So, it can’t clearly be said if they will split up.

    Although speculations are still there around Justin and Selena’s past relationship.

    Only Justin and Hailey know what is in store for them. Meanwhile, let’s just pray for the couple and wish them all the best!