“Justin Bieber” in depression over his Marriage with “Hailey Baldwin”


    As per the latest report by an insider, Justin Bieber is struggling with depression and is also question his decision about marrying the supermodel, Hailey Baldwin.

    For a long time, they had been together, and in every relation, there are ups and downs. The first met in 2009. After his breakup with Selena Gomez in 2014, the singer starts a lot of time with the model. This resulted in lots of rumors surfacing related to the relationship of the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker and Hailey.

    Justin Bieber in depression over his Marriage with Hailey Baldwin
    E! News

    In retaliation to this, Bieber confirmed that there is nothing between them and said: “People are crazy.” But now we know that things ended up differently, and people also loved the couple and wanted them to stay together.

    According to the report, the scenario has changed as Bieber is not as blissful as he was with her earlier. The insider said that the 25-year-old singer admitted that he is “far from happy” in his marriage to Hailey Baldwin.

    “Justin’s mind was messed up. His mind was just not into it. He was depressed and questioning his marriage.” the insider added.

    Back in September 2018, when the duo tied the knot, people were surprised to know it. Some said that he was happy with Selena Gomez and others questioned his decision to marry her in this short span of time.

    We hope that Justin gets out of his depression as soon as possible and may look ahead.