Karl Urban is Going to be Dirty in “THE BOYS” : Not Just a Superhero Series (ORDINARY)



    “The Boys” is an American superhero series releasing 26th of July 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. The series is an adaption from a comic which goes with the same name as “the boys”. Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson wrote the comic, and the comic series was from 2006-2008. The trailer of the upcoming series dropped a month ago and gained quite a response.


    The series is not a typical superhero series, showing the superheroes as idols who are always there to save the people and send good morals. Here the series portrays a bunch of people having an extraordinary superpower famous as celebrities, but they use it for their benefit and don’t care about the result that is whether it’s helping the people or making their life harder. They have their way and listen to no one. But as seen in the comic and trailer, a team of Central Intelligence Agency is appointed to monitor over them and control their activities. Which later takes the story into exposing the truth of “ The Seven” and the battle becomes to fight against them. This makes the series different from others by bringing a unique twist.


    The cast of the series consists of the following
    • Karl Urban
    • Elisabeth Shue
    • Erin Moriarty
    • Antony Starr
    • Chase Crawford
    • Jessie T. Usher
    • Dominique
    • And others


    This exciting combinations of the cast are what more attractive about the series, each of them was seen somewhere or the other loved series or movies. The trailer showed action, black comedy, and the chemistry between the characters was unforgettable. The series is developed by Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. Everyone, including the makers and developers, has quite expectations from the series about its success.