Katy Perry Blessed By LOVE? But with whom.


    Katy Perry has been through a lot since 2012 when her husband ended their marriage on text, which in every sane person opinion is a terrible way to end a relationship. Katy has a bold heart. She did not cancel the concert as it would disappoint the fans.

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    Katy Perry got engaged with Orlando Bloom on valentine day, which is a really special day to start a relationship. Katy and Orlando met over an In-An out the burger at the Golden Globes. Every Fan wished for Katy that she could find love again and it did happen three years ago at Golden Globe where she met Orlando.

    Orlando met Katy when he stole a table which was reserved for Katy but Katy being chill and savage she is, she replied with “Fine, you are hot so take it.” Afterward, they met at a party and exchange some words. Orlando proposed to Katy in a helicopter after a dinner, Katy was very happy with that, and she also tipped the world about the proposal through I Instagram. Orlando showed his happiness to the world by posting a beautiful poem on Instagram.

    The couple started dating back in 2016 but got separated in 2017, but wait love was not over between Katy and Orlando they got back together in 2018. Orlando and Katy have spent some really beautiful days together. November 2016, Bloom spent his Thanksgiving with Katy’s family. In January Katy plans s surprise party for Orlando and 2018, they both visited the Vatican together.

    Perry and Bloom made their first entrance on the red carpet together back in September 2018. According to sources Bloom had this planned for a while. He talked to Katy’s parents beforehand, and they knew he was proposing and were happy about it. Katy was very happy with the proposal.