Keanu Reeves or Zac Efron who is going to be Adam Warlock?


    Keanu Reeves or Zac Efron? Who is Gonna be the Adam Warlock? For a fact, we all know that marvel phase 3 is coming to an end, and from 2020, Marvel phase 4 is going to start. As of phase 4, the phase is termed to different than the formers bringing new faces and stories by Marvel Cinematic Universe for the fans.


    Credit: Marvel Comics

    Guardian’s of Galaxy Volume 3 which going to be in phase four of Marvel is bringing a new character called Adam Warlock. Adam is already present in the comics written by Stan Lee, the character of Adam is said to be one of the strongest and most robust in the MCU universe, and according to the comics he was supposed to appear in Avengers: infinity war who has one of the soul stone.

    Rumors: Adam Warlock Will Be Played By Keanu Reeves? True or not

    But the movie didn’t have so. Again in the last film of the Guardians of Galaxy volume 2, we see Ayesha talking about bringing a character named Adam for strategizing against the enemy. In the movie, new characters cannot come like a traditional system of reproduction, and the characters are planned according to the future environment to fight and survive so on.



    Zac Efron as Adam Warlock
    Zac Efron at arrivals for CinemaCon 2016 Big Screen Achievement Awards, The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV April 14, 2016. Photo By: James Atoa

    As per some sources Zac Efron the high school musical star was supposed to star as Adam Warlock, the news was confirmed to such an extent by the fans that they even made his fan art being Adam, but recently there has been another rumor that Keanu Reeves being Adam and replacing Zac as the character of Adam, who is supposed to be the strongest and in recent movie of John Wick we have seen how powerful Keanu’s character is and how no can surpass him. So this brings us close to the fact that there are more chances of Keanu being cast rather than Zac. But there is no such news of confirmation by any makers or writers yet.