Kelly and Mark shares the super awkward moment with their daughter. Let’s see what?


    Awkward moments are so embarrassing, that they will randomly cross your mind and leave you alone with more awkwardness.

    Recently, the evergreen couple Kelly and Mark Consuelos shared an awkward moment with their 18-year-old daughter Lola. Well, Lola was having her birthday, and you can understand what a WOW present she unexpectedly received.

    On the live show with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly and Mark discussed how they unintentionally ruined their daughter’s 18th birthday. Kelly said, well I was not in a mood, but Mark was all it’s after all father’s day and then boom. Well, it seems the two of them haven’t lose their spark yet. And they had a hilarious conversation on the show. She said, I had lots of people at my house and was not so relaxed at first itself. I had my in-laws at my home.  We were doing it in our bedroom, and suddenly it was Lola!! They both said it in a scared voice. Lola just saw us and screamed “you guys ruined my birthday and my life, everything to me before was all colored, but now it’s all grey” this is what she exactly said, added Kelly.

    We can understand how it would have been for Kelly on her birthday; a poor little girl couldn’t take it all with all ease. Well, Mark also said, she made this conversation to the brunch too and said, “You guys are disgusting.” Kelly said I continued talking in codes as my father in law and sister in law were present there too.

    Lola was mad at us, and the same; night she knocked like a fire alarm on our door.

    Well, this is an amusing incident that happened with the Consuelos! We hope this evergreen couple will lock their doors every time from now on!!!