Kingsman star Taron Egerton wants to be the next Wolverine, but will Marvel Cast Him

    The incessant superhero casting rumor mill is churning yet again, and a name thrown around this week has rightfully made headlines around the world.

    Of course, fans of the Marvel multiverse will remember that Fox Studios’ cinematic rights over the X-Men are set to lapse this year after The Dark Phoenix concludes its underwhelming cinematic run, subsequent to which they’ll return home to Marvel, giving Kevin Feige and his team creative control.

    This will necessitate a large-scale makeover for the X-Men Universe, and a spate of casting decisions; as a result, the foremost of which will no doubt be the new Wolverine.

    Credit: Lionsgate

    Last month, reports suggested that Zac Efron was in talks to play a younger Wolverine, while Keanu Reeves’ name too was thrown around along the other host of Marvel characters he was supposedly interested in portraying.

    Now, it’s Taron Egerton who’s stepped forth to the plate.

    The Kingsman star was previously reported to have been considered for the role of DC’s Green Arrow last year, although nothing came of that.

    Understandably, at this point, there is no concrete evidence to posit that Feige might be eyeing Egerton to become the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s adamantium-clawed mutant, though the prospect is certainly exciting.

    The casting of Egerton would mean that Marvel is going to approach this iteration of Wolverine with a reformed perspective, handing the mantle to a much younger actor that could stand apart from Hugh Jackman’s iconic Logan right from the onset, and it makes sense for the actor, too.

    Egerton has gained widespread prominence in recent years due to his role as protagonist Eggsy Unwin in the Kingsman films, and once the concluding chapter of that franchise has made its way onto our closest silver screens. He will be free to take up the responsibility of becoming a Marvel superhero, given that he hasn’t signed for any new projects since his critically-acclaimed portrayal of Sir Elton John in 2019’s Rocketman.

    We’re unlikely to receive any concrete news of the happenings within the Marvel basecamp until San Diego Comic-Con clears the air about MCU’s Phase Four, and until then, fans of Egerton can look forward to the third Kingsman installment, releasing in Late 2020.