KJ Apa’s Archie finally coming back to Riverdale Season 4 on October 9, Plot, Cast and More


    CW’s drama starring four amateur detectives and their sleuthing escapades is back. Officially renewed for Season 4, Riverdale’s new season will make for some serious action. And we’ve got all the latest updates on how and when.

    Release Date: When Do We Get To See It?

    Riverdale season 4 will premiere on CW on October 9th, 2019, back in its traditional Wednesday night CW spot. Episodes will drop on Netflix the following day internationally, but long after in the US.

    The season should have 22 episodes, just like Season 2 and 3, which means that we’ll probably see the finale somewhere in May 2020. But don’t hold your breath! Riverdale is well-known for taking long breaks between certain episodes so we might have to wait till late summer for an ending.

    The Cast for Riverdale Season 4

    No confirmations yet, but KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Casey Cott, and Madelaine Petsch should all return for Season 4.

    Ashleigh Murray playing Josie will be leaving Riverdale for spinoff Katy Keene. But Wyatt Nash playing Charles and Molly Ringwald, playing Mary Andrews will be playing a major role this time around.
    The Riverdale Cast

    The Plot: What Will We See Happen?

    Riverdale has always introduced new storylines each season in its signature way: Jason Blossom, The Black Hood, and finally the Gargoyle King. So we really can’t wait to see what the creators will come up with this time.

    But we do know some events from Season 3 will carry over. The cliffhanger on Jughead’s mysterious disappearance/ possible death will clear up in Season 4. Before we begin mourning though, let’s remember, Riverdale has dropped an is-Jughead-dead? red-herring before which turned out to be false.

    The season will also address actor Luke Perry’s death.

    Moreover, it’ll be interesting to see how Hiram and Hermione react to prison and how they get out (they should eventually, I mean, Hiram already did once before). Bughead will probably continue to investigate Alice’s disappearance with gorgeous FBI agent Charles, and we might even see Archie making the rounds again.

    Hell of a season planned, right?